Footer Text: Lorem ipsum dolor The World Pension plan wants to organize a world pension. The goal of this world pension is to help limiting the world population growth earlier. Earlier than without actions would happen. The Plan is to provide all people in the world above 55 with a pension of  the equivalent of US $30 per month. For the poorest in the world like the people in Africa this would be enough to live from. The funding should come from 1/2 of all development money globally spend today. This also will stimulate local economies in third world countries. Without spoiling working people. The goal of the plan is to stimulate birth reduction. For the richer countries this pension obviously will not be enough. But it will stimulate global solidarity. The ideal global situation would be that a pension would be composed out of  three parts; a global, a country and a individual. YOU can help us promoting this plan by becoming a promoter. TWPP Footer Text: Lorem ipsum dolor Home TWPP